A general guide when choosing a camera


Choosing a correct camera for your specific purpose can be a challenging task. Here are a few tips you may want to consider:

  • The cheapest cameras may not always be the best option. Yes, most of them will get the job done when you want only the basic features but when issues arise, solving them can prove both time-consuming and costly.

  • When choosing the right camera, do not seek ones with the highest resolution only. HD is usually enough when you use the right lens for your purpose. What’s more, cameras with higher resolution can have lower framerate and definitely have a bad picture in low-light environments.

  • Try choosing wired cameras wherever possible. This can prevent a lot of potential issues and makes the system more secure at the same time.


I need to see numbers at night on a gauge 25 feet from the camera.
What should I be looking for?


Hi Larry,

You could use a device such as a separate IR illuminator to flood the target area with more light if darkness is the problem at hand.