How to Connect to Angelcam Without Port Forwarding


Our platform offers a couple options for connecting your device(s); whether you’re using a compatible IP camera, DVR or NVR system. If port forwarding is not a viable option, not desired or impossible due to the type of router the options below should be considered.

Angelcam-Ready Camera

These IP cameras are great singular solutions for easily connecting to Angelcam. What makes these cameras plug and play with our service is that they’re loaded with our proprietary firmware. This firmware uses a push-type connection which negates the need to open ports on the network.

Angelcam both sells devices with the firmware already loaded onto them as well as provides instructions for loading it, yourself, onto a compatible camera.

Instructions for installing firmware & list of compatible cameras HERE

Angelcam-Ready Cameras sold in North America HERE

Angelcam-Ready Cameras sold to rest of world HERE


The Angelbox is a peripheral device which has the ability to connect multiple IP cameras, DVR or NVR systems to Angelcam without having to port forward. It simply plugs into your internet router and will scan the local network for compatible devices. The Angelbox connections using the same push-type connection as other Angelcam products. In order to use the Angelbox you will first have to ensure that your device is set to use standard (default) RTSP or HTTP protocol ports.

Check if your device is compatible HERE

Angelbox technical specification HERE

Ubiquiti (EDGE) Routers

A more robust solution for business and industrial applications would be the Ubiquiti EDGE model routers. These devices are often more readily available and/or already in use on robust networks. Angelcam now provides a method to load our proprietary firmware onto these routers. This provides an easily manageable solution for connecting your security system to Angelcam without having to open ports on the network. Once the firmware is installed these devices would essentially become an Angelbox and support connection to our platform via a push-type connection. The router would otherwise function, uninhibited, with the firmware installed.

Instructions for turning your EdgeRouter into an Angelbox HERE