How to Swap Subscriptions from One Camera Feed to Another


In the instance that your camera malfunctions, fails or is simply upgraded you may require that the current subscription is swapped over to the replacement. The instructions below outline how you can do so.

Before we get started ensure that you DO NOT DELETE the existing camera from your account! Doing so will cancel the subscription and require you to re-subscribe (pay).

Swapping camera subscriptions:

  1. Copy your existing camera address for safe measure. To do so, select the camera, click “manage camera”, scroll down and copy the contents of the camera address field. Now paste/save this information somewhere just in case.


  2. Connect to your new camera stream. To do so, click “connect camera” from your account page, select the method of connection, input the necessary camera address information and click “detect”

  3. Copy your new camera address. To do so, once detection has successfully connected to your new stream, scroll back up to the camera address field. Your new camera address will exist there, simply copy that information.

  4. Paste your new camera address into your old camera configuration. Without adding the new camera to your account, navigate back to your original camera stream. Select the camera, click “manage camera” and scroll down to the camera address field. Now, paste your new camera address into this field and save the changes.

The result should be that your new camera stream will appear and your existing subscription will now apply to that camera.