What External Motion Detector do you use?

I have a 3 Camera system pretty good dialed in with Video motion detection, but especial at night I get allot of false motion detection. e.g when my neighbors headlights sweeps through our Drive way.
So not I want to switch to external motion detection.

Can I get some experiences of what PIR devices other people is using ?

Thanks in advance

Hi Kim,

Most sensors that use SMTP or IFTTT integration should work just fine. There may be some fine tuning and placement that will have to be done to ensure you’re getting the right event triggers when it’s most important.

Please check out our blog post HERE discussing our top picks for sensors that can be used with Angelcam.

HI, thanks for the quick response… I have read that, but I am struggling to find a device that will work outdoor. and just wanted to hear experiences from other users.