Adding a camera without Angelcam essentials

Good day all,

I have 2 camera’s connected with 3day recording.
I removed 1 camera because I want to connect another camera.
When I go to the page to add a new camera I should get this page:
but I end up on this page:
Angelcam | Sign In and the only way to continue is purchasing the ‘Angelcam Essentials’ feature which I do not need.

When I go to ‘Billing’ → 'Camera Services, 2 services ‘Cloud recording 3 days’ are listed. One of them has a button ‘Associate with camera’ but when I click this I can only select the camera that is already being recorded by the other ‘Cloud recording 3 days’ service. There is no option to add a new camera.

For some reason I can not add a new camera without purchasing the ‘Angelcam Essentials’ feature. But I do not want that, I just to connect another camera instead of the one that used to be connected.

How do I resolve this?

Hello @T_B thank you for your question!

The Essentials plan is mandatory for you to be able to add new cameras to us (you will be able to connect up to 10 cameras and view them on multiple platforms with the Essentials plan).

We talk about the Essentials plan here Ultimate cloud platform for all your security cameras - Angelcam | Angelcam in more detail.

If this is really just about adding a camera that you have just deleted and you have no plans to connect more, let us know at with your e-mail address and I will assign you a temporary Essentials plan so you can make the connection.

You’re saying that I am paying for a cloud recording option but can not use it without paying for an ‘ultimate plan’ that I do not need, except that I need it to add a camera to a recording service (the one I am already paying for).

Or let me put in other words, I am paying for a service. Angelcam is happy to take my money for that service. But to actually be able to use that service, I have to pay for another service.

That’s pretty weird.