Angelcam RTSP Link stopped working

Hello, I disconnected my cam for a while one week ago, and when I reconnected to my network never worked again. I got infinite loading: I set my camera with RTSP settings and when I check the link on VLC with outside network it works fine. Only angelcam does nothing.

Sir. When you lose your RTSP stream, it is nearly always because your Network IP changed. The network IP is the IP address assigned to you by your network provider. To see (at any time) what your network IP is, open your browser and type My IP . Then, after you have that address, log on to your Angelcam account and view the IP address which is at the very beginning of your RTSP stream. If you can’t find your RTSP stream on the Angelcam website, let me know and I will help you with that. :slight_smile:


Thank you @Kent_Roorda for a great answer! I would like to just add that when using our AngelBox the whole process is much easier, reliable, and secure. You can even have a dynamic IP address and the connection will work.

Connection is a matter of entering the ID of the AngelBox at our administration.

I have one at my home and I never need to worry about IP address changes as AngelBox is reliable.

We even have a Compatibility Tester that will show you how easy the connection process is and if your cameras are compatible with