Web streaming with an ipcamera

Hi thanks for having me here what im trying to get from this site is info about setting up a link on my website to stream live video from my restaurant so clients can view the live feed wnever they go to the page .
What hardware do i need preferably no nvr just ipcamera connect to my local network and the internet than can upload the feed.
Any pointers will be appreciate
Thanks in advance

Hello Kimberly. Your idea is a good one, given people’s concerns about social distancing. All you need is an ipcamera, an Angelcam account, and lots of patience with navigating the technical details. I’ve been streaming a live feed from our hotel property for many, many years. I’ve tried, I think, all the options. What I recommend is that you buy the angelbox, upgrade to Angelcam’s Premium subscription, and have whoever supports your website use Angelcam’s instructions to embed the video in you site.

Thanks for ur answer first time im doing it its for a beach bar basically so i thinking maybe a 8mp poe camera?
Any particulat model u recommend or and specs i need to look for specifically?
Saw quite a few videos with sofware to create a video link to imbed into ur website because i saw u will need static ip for the angelbox.

Yes, I have a static IP here. I’m sorry, but it’s been too long since I researched webcams. I can’t recommend a particular model or specification. The last camera I bought was one that streams the differences (how the image changes) rather than the whole image. This cuts down considerably on the bandwidth requirements.

Kimberly, could you please take a picture from your phone of that scene you would like to broadcast and share it with us? It would help me to understand what kind of camera would be the best.

Thank you!

hope u recieve this view

Was looking at this model what u think Dahua 4K IPC-HDW2831TP-AS-S2

Wow! What a view! Thank you Kimberly!

This Dahua cam you mentioned can do the work just ok. Do you have a public IP address? If you do, you’d need to proceed to a port-forwarding in your internet router.

Can you or some tech. people you know do that? The other way without the port-forwarding is to purchase our Angelbox that can do the job as well.

U mean a static ip is needed from my isp right?
i managed to do port forwarding and got the test working so i guess need a static ip from my isp cause my ip changes all the time if my router reboots unless there’s another way around paying my isp for static ip?

That is exactly right. You either need a static public IP from your ISP or get Angelbox and that will do it for you without a need for a public static IP.

Last question would i be able to access the camera webinf remotely maybe through my account with you once i setup a paid service from you to be able to move the camera etc cause its gonna be a ptz camera

Hello Kimberly,

Thank you for your question! As of right now you can certainly connect a PTZ camera to Angelcam. The possibility to move the PTZ camera directly from Angelcam is not yet present.