Embed IP camera into my website cost

Hi there, I wish to embed my IP camera into my website add on cost. The angelcam site is very hard to understand with all the add on’s… I already have Angelcam services but what add on would I need and what would be the cost would be per month to do this. Regards.

Hello Andrew,

There are 2 parts to the subscriptions. Account plan and optional add-ons.

Account plan needed by everyone: Essentials = $30 per YEAR
Optional addons for public broadcasting or 24/7 cloud recording that cost extra.

For the embedding of your IP camera to your website you will need:

  1. Essentials plan for $30 per YEAR (as you said, you already have this)
  2. Broadcasting premium plan for $30 a MONTH or ($300 per YEAR). More information about the broadcasting plans can be found here.

Is it more clear like this?