Rtsp / http url

Apologies for this probably being a no-brainer for most however I really can’t find this out no matter how hard I google !
When I see how to construct a ‘connection path/url’ with the example:


I cannot find out anywhere I’ve tried to look whether the IP address is an EXTERNAL IP address i’d have to create ddns record/s for or is it always the INTERNAL address on my home network ?!

Any help would be most appreciated…


Hi Mark,

If your goal is to connect the camera to angelcam, you will need to work with your EXTERNAL IP (can be also called WAN IP of your router) address or DDNS hostname. INTERNAL addresses, in general, can only be used for connection within your local network.

For everything to work correctly, please keep in mind that you will also need to have a port forwarding rule configured in your router. This port forwarding rule is necessary for the router to forward the incoming communication to the correct local device (your IP camera in this case). More info on this subject can be found in our FAQ section.

And one more thing: The stream URL is usually different for each camera manufacturer, so make sure you’re using the correct one. A handy list of URL’s can be found here.