Why Isn't The Angelbox Detecting My Camera or NVR System?

Below are reasons why an Angelbox wouldn’t detect an IP camera or video recording system.

  1. The camera or VR system is not set to use a default RTSP or HTTP port number. Angelboxes scan for the following ports only: 554, 88, 81, 555, 7447, 8554, 7070, 10554 80, 81, 8080, 8081, 8090.

  2. The camera or VR system is not connected to the same network as the Angelbox. The Angelbox will only detect devices that live on the same network and not subnets.

  3. Certain internet routers and switches block port scanning. The Angelbox functions by scanning the aforementioned port numbers for compatible equipment.

  4. An active firewall may be blocking the Angelbox from making outbound communication with our servers. In such a case the network administrator must white-list our server IP addresses, listed HERE. As well as ensure that ports 8900 and 8901 are opened on the network for outbound traffic from the Angelbox.

  5. The camera or VR system is simply not compatible with Angelcam services. Please note that only devices which are RTSP or HTTP stream capable via H.264 or MJPEG encoding are compatible.

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I have an older Zmodo cam that I can access the video stream via VLC, but the Angelbox doesn’t detect it.
It does detect a REOLINK IP cam and my wireless irrigation system (which is odd) with out issue.

Stream that works in VLC is rtsp://LANIPAddressHere:10554/tcp/av0_0


Is the Zmodo camera on the same network as the Angelbox? Also, do you have the ability to change the port number for RTSP on the Zmodo?

Adding camera model is probably helpful - Zmodo ZP-IBT15-S
Same subnet, but the cams are still connected to the original NVR. thus allowing the to power up.
I do not see any settings in these cams to change the RTSP port.
I can change Web Listening Port, Video Listening Port, Mobile Phone Listening Port
There is a UPNP ports I can change as well.

Can you message me on our support chat from our main page www.angelcam.com?