Angelbox issues

I’ve been trying off and on to get this AngelBox device to work with my REOLINK cameras for over a year now and simply can’t get more than ONE camera of the Four I have on the network to connect.
One item I noticed
The single working camera RTSP address is utilizing an encrypted passkey and all the non-working cameras do not have such an RTSP address.
If I copy this address and apply it to one of the non-working cameras, it will show work, but it a duplicate of the working camera.

Also, I can’t even bypass the Anglebox, every time I try to setup a camera via the anglecam site, it just tells me my password to access the camera is incorrect, which it is not.
yes, I have read the port forwarding FAQ and it is setup correctly.

Added note, the REOLINK app on my phone has no problems connecting to the cameras from outside the network… if that means anything.

Well, I got them working… for about 10 minutes. Even the iphone app was working
Only change I made was I created a “Video Wall” with my 4 cameras then they all went dark. Nothing, Nada…

Solution… I guess
I setup each camera with a dedicated username and password instead of using one for all 4 camera.
Don’t connect to or enable Video Wall with REO cams as it seems they only allow one connection with the per username at a time

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@Jason_Schuren thank you for sharing the solution with others :clap: