Angelcam box and connecting a camera

Hi - I have just connected up my angelcam box but it’s still not detecting my camera. Not sure what to do next. I’m prepared to purchase another camera if that is what is ultimately necessary. The one I have is a fairly inexpensive device from China - 1080p with IR night light but completely static. The password is just 123 but when I enter that it’s saying it’s incorrect. Can anyone please tell of an inexpensive replacement that is compatible with the angelcam box?

Thank you very much in anticipation.

Hi Jim,

For the sake of clarity - It seems in your case the camera has been detected, yet the password used is not valid, correct?

The majority of cameras are using the same stream password as web interface, maybe your camera belongs to those very few that it’s not the case. Double-check your camera configuration if there is an option to set stream password separately, or reach your dealer or manufacturer.

PS: Next time consider downloading and run the AngelBox compatibility tester before purchasing AngelBox (How to install and use the AngelBox Compatibility Tester | Angelcam Help Center).

Hi Petr,

My camera was not detected. Thank you for your kind response.


Ah so :slight_smile:

AngelBox can detect all cameras with RTSP or MJPEG on ports 554, 88, 81, 555, 7447, 8554, 7070, 10554, 80. Another important prerequisite is having AngelBox connected to the same network (subnet) as the camera - that’s not usually an issue if you are not using some professional manageable switch.

Can you confirm both?

PS: Next time consider to download & run AngelBox Compatibility Tester before purchasing AngelBox: How to install and use the AngelBox Compatibility Tester | Angelcam Help Center