WiFi Camera Suggestions

Has anyone used any WiFi cameras with the AngelBox? I"'m trying to use WiFi cameras to not use cable and preferably battery-powered. I got a Reolink battery-powered camera but it doesn’t have the hardware able for 3rd party software to connect to it, found an article on their website saying that none of their battery cameras can connect to 3rd party software.

Now I can use WiFi cameras powered by a power supply. Any suggestions on cameras like this that work with AngelBox is greatly appreciated.

Hello @Jacob_Jacob_Ramirez,

AngelBox is compatible with WiFi cameras, provided the camera manufacturer permits third-party connections like ours.

I’m sorry about this.

The least you can do is contact them and suggest that Reolink be more open to other vendors, such as Angelcam. If enough people do this, I believe they will consider it.

I need to locate a WiFi camera that can work with the Angelbox, I have now bought 2 WiFi cameras that won’t work with the AngelBox.

Hello @Jacob_Jacob_Ramirez,

I’m sorry to hear that! I recommend searching on Amazon for an IP camera that meets the following criteria:

  1. Has Wi-Fi capability mentioned.
  2. Can stream using the RTSP protocol and H.264 codec, as indicated in the specifications.
  3. Is not a closed system and can be integrated with 3rd party software.

I’ve searched on Amazon for Wi-Fi cameras by Hikvision and found several options. Take a look.

Before purchasing one, please contact us at support@angelcam.com to double-check.