Angelbox not detecting cameras - help required

Hi there

I’ve just purchased an Angelbox and have connected it up to my router via ethernet. My birdbox camera connects in to the router as well using a powerplug adapter. I’ve run the Angelbox compatability checker and the camera shows up on that, but when I try to add a camera in the angelcam account it just says detection of device is in progress.

I’ve set up a ddns service with no-ip, and have changed my router settings (Sky router) to use the ddns service as well. Port checking shows that port 554 is open and available.

Don’t know what else to do now - would appreciate some help please.


Hello Stuart,

Thanks for purchasing AngelBox. There is no need for port-forwarding or setting up DDNS service with the AngelBox.

Can you please send your AngelBox ID to We will take it from there.