Attempting to connect to boavision camera with diy angelbox


I want use my boa vision HD22M102M with a Diy angelbox i installed on my raspberry PI .

So ii goto this page

I enter the mac address of the rasberryPi and i wait.

When i get to the pairing screen, i see 3 boxes. First one is not a camera.
The second lets me login using my username and password on x.x.x.x:80
Third one shows me a picture from the camera and lists this as the url x.x.x.x:554/11

When i put in a valid username/password to the second box, in syslog i see this line over and over.

Aug 10 17:56:37 raspberrypi arrow-client[426]: [src/net/arrow/] service connection closed; session ID: 006f7729

Another time, i got to the page “the detection of your device in progress”

checked all of the steps. TIme etc.

No joy.

Any suggestions??

Many thanks