Are PTZ commands available in AngelCam

Hi everyone, newcomer from France.
My question — for which I didn’t find anything in the forum — regards the possibility of commanding the cam when I’m connected to it, using a Pan Tilt Zoom interface within the site.

Does anyone know if it is possible and has anyone already succeeded in doing this ?


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Hi Patrick,

Angelcam does not currently support PTZ control. This is a feature that is on our list for development, though! Please stay tuned for further updates.


I would Second the request for PTZ, it would be great to program the ability to set a path and schedule for the PTZ also.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your seconding of the request and further feature ideas. I’ll gladly note these down for our development team to consider. :+1:

While we understand many of you are requesting this and may get value from this feature, we don’t plan to implement this anytime soon. Why? All our engineering resources are focused to make our Real Time Security product better. Visit for more details.

Thanks for understanding!