Audio from Panasonic Camera


I have connected a Panasonic camera that supports audio - when browsing using IE and downloading a plugin I can see video and hear audio. When I use angelcam I get video but the audio options says “no” - is this due to the rtsp stream limitations or is it an angelcam limitation? I was testing using the free service - if I pay a subscription do I get audio? I want to use this to stream video and audio from church.
If I change my camera to an Axis or Dahua will they support audio through Angelcam broadcasting?



Hi Steve,

Thank you for reaching out. Can you ensure that your camera is connected to Angelcam via RTSP and not HTTP. HTTP/MJPEG does not support audio.




Even when you are connected using RTSP, there are some limitations. We do support the following audio encodings:

So try switching to one of these if your camera supports it.