Can I edit the HTML code to embed the video on my website with lower resolution/lower Mbps?

We use AngelCam to host a live osprey webcam.

Folks with slow internet experience a great deal of buffering.

We don’t want to lower the resolution of the camera.

Is there a way that I can embed a lower resolution / smaller video on a second page of my website for people with slow internet?

I’m a newbie, so very specific responses would be most helpful.

Many thanks,

Hello Alison,

Yes, you can do that!

  1. Most of the security cameras on the market supports two (sometimes even more) video stream profiles, typically called primary and secondary. Check your camera settings, manual, or reach support available by a camera producer/distributor/dealer if you need help with this.
  2. Each of these profiles can be connected to Angelcam independently, via AngelBox and via port-forwarding as well.
  3. So basically, in the end, you will connect the same camera again, yet this time using secondary (low bitrate) stream.
  4. Enable broadcasting plan, the one that fits your needs.

Note, that we will pull than two different video streams from a camera concurrently, so a network where the camera is connected should be able to handle the increased upload traffic.

I hope that helps!