Foscam Cameras going offline and then online randomly

I am using Angelcam with my (4) foscam Model C2 Wireless 1080p HD. The cameras are part of my Smartthings Security System. All the cameras are working fine with VLC on my PC and OWLR, Tinycam, Smartthings and Foscam on my Android S9 I can view them on my netowrk and off my network Moble Cell or remote WIFI. Angelcam alerts me that one of my cameras are offline at ramdom times then in exactly 10 minutes and get the second alert that it is back online. I have Angelcam setup with (8) cameras (4) thru DDNS at no-ip and (4) using direct IP to each camera they all act the same way. My home network is with FIOS with 100mb internet. I get no other alert from any other system that the cameras are offline? I am hoping some has an idea what is happen. Thanks

Oh all my cameras are firmware up to date…

Hi Michael,

All the errors on all your cameras seem to be caused by a simple timeout, so either the camera did not reply in time or it was a connectivity issue. Since all the cameras are wireless, can’t the issue be an unstable local wireless connection? Consider checking the feed via VLC when the camera gets marked as offline.

In any case, check the stream configuration as well, it’s always better to use constant bitrate. You can find more info here.

Please let me know what you find.