Manually add IP to AngelBox


I’d like to manually add an IP address to my AngelBox for a couple of reasons. 1. So I can preconfigure it before I put it in its end location and 2. So I can use the ‘Local Address’ function to control another device (that’s not a camera).

Any tips on how to do this? I have a pre-configured Angelbox not a DIY one.



Hi Nick,

AngelBox has an option to edit the default configuration, it’s just primarily meant for network environments which won’t allow the network to be scanned automatically. In your case, there would be a couple of drawbacks.

  • when you pre-configure the IP address, the connection with the camera will be lost if the IP is changed. If you configure the network correctly, it’s not an issue of course, but it’s an added complexity. In the default configuration, we use the MAC address as an identifier and therefore, AngelBox remains connected even when the local IP changes
  • to change the config, you will either need to enable SSH access (disabled by default) or access the SD card directly with a device which is able to read ext4 partitions

Another thing is that even if you add an IP address manually, we won’t allow you to access the device unless we detect a MJPEG stream on HTTP port or h264 stream on RTSP port. This is an intentional security limitation.

To speed up the installation process, I would suggest a different approach:

In your local environment, connect the cameras you plan to install and the AngelBox, log in under your client’s account, scan the network, add the cameras your client’s account. Once you’re done, disconnect everything. Then when you go to install the system to your client, simply do the installation in the way you’re used to, connect AngelBox and wait for 5 minutes for it to automatically scan the network. It will detect the cameras even if they’re on a different IP address and that’s it.