How to reset Camera Settings Password

I have had to replace my router which changed my local router IP address. when I try to access the camera settings to change the IP address, I get a wrong password error. I am using my login to access my account but it does not want to allow me to use the password when accessing the camera settings. How can I reset the password for the camera settings?

Hi Rob,

Check the camera user guide - typically you have to press a reset button on a camera for 5 seconds or similar. Hope this helps! Let me know.

Thanks for the response Petr! But what I need is to be able to access the Camera settings on the AngelCam side so I can change the IP in the RSTP string. Any Ideas how I can reset the password on the AngelCam side to access the Camera settings?

Hello @Rob_Crocker thank you for the explanation. It is easy!

Can you

  1. Go into “My Cameras” section here Angelcam | Sign In
  2. Click on the camera(s) you would like to make the changes to
  3. Click on the Settings tab
  4. Check this part
  5. Click on Show camera address
  6. Change the password

With AngelBox you would not have to make these changes and you would have a secure and reliable connection to Angelcam. Highly recommend checking it out.

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Thanks for the answer ( again ). but when I click on the show camera address it still asks for the settings password -

Hello Rob, That is a password for your Angelcam account. We have it in there for security purposes.