Hint for using a direct connected 'Raspberry Pi Camera'

I downloaded the image and started my raspberry 3b with the ‘Camera Module V2’

Then I enabled via
sudo raspi-config | 5 Interface Options | P1 Camera
the camera modul

Via https://my.angelcam.com/connect/pairing-stream-selection/
I can connect ( Connect DIY AngelBox|MAC adress) and view different ‘cameras’
“We have detected 5 camera(s) …”
but alle the devices have different IP Adresses (router etc)
The raspberry itself is not listed.

I think there is no ‘streaming software’ installed on the raspberry. So, there is nothing to find.
Which software would you please recommend to install for streaming?
For a camera modul directly connected to the rasberry

thanks a lot

greetings from germany


Hi Mike,

unfortunately, we don’t have an image ready for RPi’s with camera modules. We’re only working with RTSP streams, you you’ll need to find a RTSP server which will be able to work with the cam module. We have tested some solution but found out that it wasn’t really stable.