How do I share recordings?

I need the ability to share the camera recordings with other users in the company to review when necessary. As I have the 60 day retention plan, will the users I share the cameras with have access to the recordings or do I need to share that some other way?


Angelcam does allow for users to share their cameras live stream as well as recorded footage with other (free) Angelcam accounts. Simply do the following from your Angelcam account:

  1. Log in
  2. Select the camera you would like to share
  3. Click “manage guests”
  4. Input the personal email address for the person you’d like to share the camera stream with
  5. Select whether you’d like to share the live stream or both live stream and recording
  6. Click “submit”

Once submitted the invited guest will receive an invitation via email to create their own (free) Angelcam account. Once they click the link within the email they’ll be forwarded to our website to create a password for their new account. Once created they’ll then have access to the camera(s) you’ve decided to share with them.

You can always manage (remove or add) guests by again selecting the camera and clicking “manage guests”.

Thank you. That worked perfectly.