How To Embed Angecam into Wordpress site

I have a WordPress site hosted by a third party and I’d like to embed the camera stream into a page on this site. The only way I found to do this with my current WP deployment is to place a link on a page which redirects to the click2stream site. I’m currently experimenting with a free Angel Cam subscription. Is it possible to do this with another Angel Cam service? TIA

Hi Scott,

The Premium and Business broadcasting plans include two embed codes which you can just copy&paste into your website. Doing so will make the stream available directly on your website.

You can customize some parameters of the embed code, feel free to check the options here:


First off you have to have the right package to be able to do this. If you do then go to the video on your AngelCam account you want to embed and hit broadcasting (blue with an eye icon). After the new page loads look above the video for the row of links, Preview/Branding/Public page settings/Sharing/Subscription, and hit sharing. Hit the grey “show embed code button” (left side middle page). The pop up will appear with 2 tabs one for JS and one for HTML. I got mine to work in a Siteorgins Editor widget just by Copy/Pasting the HTML code into the text tab (not visual) of the editor and it showed up starting right away and perfectly centered on the screen. Hopefully these are a much more black and white easy to follow instructions then what that page shows that Paul gave you because if you don’t know coding then that page will be a foreign language :slight_smile: