Streaming content from (technical)

Hey, my Name is Paul and I got an essencials plan to be able to stream up to Youtube, with the sales contact we agreed that it would be possible adding sourcing if the camera is on active display with liscencing attribution (camera liscenced by click2stream/angelisland). As I don’t own any cameras I reached to you for this purpose.

I got the whole tech to get the stream decoded, video size and fps to know if I receive data or not, other stuff has to be tested and implemented as well but that’s stuff I am able to manage.

The main issue that I am having right now is that I am able to get the raw camera material until tokens are replaced due to expiration. The thing is that I wish to get is a permanent list to that (at least 21 cameras in US and Canada) public cameras to add them to my portfolio, the list I made is just for limited use and would need daily refresh.

Is there any way to fix that threw API? Actually I am using AVC threw HLS, but MJPG might be a target as well.

I’m just asking as I know what I code by myself but once I get to stuff coded by others I lose the overview quickly.

If someone has an idea please let me now :slight_smile: