Support for H.265?

Any chance you may be supporting H.265 cameras like the SV-B06POE-4MP-A from SV3C? This seems to be a nice resolution camera with good reviews on Amazon.

Any cameras from SV3C?

Thanks for considering.

I will just add that every h265 camera I had a chance to work with had an option to be switched to h264 as well. Try asking the if this particular camera has this option as well and if yes, it should work in Angelcam just fine.


Good tip Paul. I will check this out and see if it can do thia.
Thanks again. Kevin

Is H.265 support on the roadmap? I understand many cameras would support H.264, however H.265 would have many benefits, including less data to transmit, less bandwidth required, etc.

H.265 support is available in VLC which is open source. Would it be difficult to use that to incorporate H.265 in AngelCam?