Which Pi and version pls

Roughly a year ago I discovered Angelcam and was very excited to use it as it would solve my issues.

I wanted to create an AngelBox using an RPi and tried it with Raspian Stretch Full and Lite.

It didn’t work after following the steps letter by letter. I was told that Stretch does not work on AngelCam

I gave up

Does anyone know if Stretch works now? Can a RPi Zero W be used now?

What is the correct Raspian version ???


our newest image is based on Raspbian Stretch already and if you check the github page, there is already an updated guide as well: https://github.com/angelcam/arrow-client/wiki/Turning-your-ARM-device-into-AngelBox

RPi Zero wasn’t tested but arrow client should work there as well, just note that this less powerful version will have certain limitations in terms of number of streams and bitrate.


Sadly doesnt seem to work with a Kguard system

Feel free to contact us via web messenger or email (support@angelcam.com) and include the MAC address of your Raspberry. I can try to check if it is indeed a compatibility issue or if it’s something that can be solved.