1080p VS 3MP in Security Camera

Recently I want to buy a new security camera, my ffiend recommend the 3MP camera, while last I use 1080p camera, which one is much better? 1080p? or 3MP?

Hi Julia,

it really depends on are what are your plans with the camera.

Higher-resolution cameras typically require more data to be transferred over the internet = faster internet is needed, but at the same time, the higher resolution cameras give you more pixels on your target (person’s face, car’s license plate).

Higher-resolution cameras also tend to have smaller image sensor sizes, causing worse performance in low-light situations.

What do you want to do with your camera? What is your use case?

Thanks for your suggestions. I just want to use it to see my baby and let him much safe. Meanwhile I see many wifi cameras are 2.4g, but my wifi is 5G. I don’t know what should do?

Hi Julie,

I’m afraid that Angelcam would not be the best solution to choose from in your case.

There are many other better options where you already buy a dedicated WiFi camera that you can easily place or clip next to your baby. You will be able to hear what’s going on, talk to the baby, and of course, see it remotely over the internet.

I wish we could help here with we do, but I would recommend you to choose one of these products described here: https://www.safewise.com/resources/best-nanny-cams/

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Pretty appreiciated.

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