Best cam for big sunset views...?

I’m struggling to select the best outdoor camera to pair with Angelcam service that would allow my grandpa and other friends and family to see the view from my house. It’s a big view of the WI river valley and great for sunsets and weather patterns including approaching storms. I’d like to keep the purchase less than ~$400 but not sure if possible. I tried a 4K Webcam (Logitech C922 pro) and it was whitewashed and very poor quality. Thanks

Hi Andrew_Stokes, I’ve been using the StarDot Megapixel for many years now at Webcam | Quillayute River Resort with great success and reliability, but it costs significantly more than $400.

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Hi Andrew,

consider also Axis M2025-LE for these reasons:

  1. Price about $300
  2. Great video quality even in tough conditions and during low light
  3. It’s an Angelcam-ready camera (all AXIS models are) so it can be connected to Angelcam easily, securely, and reliably without port-forwarding or without AngelBox or its alternatives. Here is how to do so: How to make Axis camera Angelcam-powered | Angelcam Help Center
  4. Five years warranty
  5. Very efficient video compression - based on camera settings you will get better video quality with the same bitrate than other cameras or the same video quality with about 50% bitrate only. Details.